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Your Farmer Connection 

Garden Treasures is a great place to get organic produce, bulk tomatoes or fruits and vegetables for canning, organic grains and heirloom beans,  pasture raised eggs,  local cheese and other natural food products.   You can be confident all our fresh fruits and vegetables come from either us or neighboring artisan farmers with the same passion for food and organic methods as us.

For the best quality pit fruit, like peaches and plums, we sell Smallwood Farms produce from Okanogan in Eastern Washington. Dennis and Mallory farm 38 varieties of pit-fruit on their family owned orchard. Since 2003 they have farmed direct to consumer pit fruit,  with a unique microclimate and careful selection of the most flavorful varieties.  Dennis is careful to pick at the peak of flavor and sugar content. He directly ships to our farm every Friday without fail.   Smallwood Fruit is sold by the pound, 20 lb. cases, or in our Fruit CSA program is sold by the pound, 20 lb. cases, or in our Fruit CSA program.

We are a truly local organic food store, more than 3/4 of the produce we sell is grown by us right here in Arlington.   We stock only organic or natural food, or we don't sell it.   During the off season, and for essential organic food like citrus and avocados we source from growers down the West coast and Mexico.

Special orders are encouraged, please let us reserve specialty varieties or quantities IN ADVANCE!   Not only does this get you the best product at the best price, we can get it to you as fresh as possible.  Often some products we grow are in such demand or low supply we can only offer them by special request.   Ask our staff about the Special order list to get your order placed.