​​​​​*3 Payments are allowed  only by signing up via-paypal automatic payments below on this page.

*2 payments are allowed for payment by post-dated check or credit card at the farm.

Automatic Payment Plan - CSA 2017

Automatic payment plan - additional $5 per payment conveineince fee included.


​​​​​*ONLY Harvest Share, Seedling Share, Taster Share members are eligible for 15% off all regular priced food items in our farm stand or farmer's market booth. This special discount only applies to food Items at a regular retail price and excludes all discounted or on sale items, items sold by the Flat, Box, Bushel, or Farm raw meats are not included.*

​​​​​*We prefer payment by check, download 2017 form here and mail to farm with your payment(s)*



Forest Ridge "Fridge"

Ideal for 2 - 4 people

For 2016 this box is shrinking. Expect a bit less than years past at a lower price.  10 Weeks September - November

Pickup Location
Pickup Location
Pickup location
Pickup location
Pickup location
Pickup Location
Pickup location

CSA is now open for signup for 2017 our 11th Season!  A quality based local food and farmer connection.

Please remember our CSA is a grower produced CSA - Our CSA is not for everyone, and it takes commitment and time and a good sense of food diversity adventures to make for the best CSA experience.  




$ 425.00




Thanksgiving Week Share

1 week

A late season optional share for the Thanksgiving day week.  A large sized a box packed with all your favorite fall crops and a couple seasonal treats.

Food Bank Share

Donate a box of our Treasures to the local area food bank on your behalf.  Delivered 2nd week of the year in December.

Seedling Share

Ideal for 1 - 2  people 20 weeks

A  best in season crops we grow, without the extra volume of larger shares.


Ideal for 1 person 20 weeks

Just a taste of the best of the week, without any real bulk with fruit most weeks.  Designed for 1person or families who like more choices to purchase extra from the farm stand from week to week or the person who does a little home gardening

Fruit Share

Ideal for people  who like fruit 15 weeks

Grown by Small Wood Farms in Eastern Washington, this 15 week option is a supplement share of only fruit.  Expect about 6-9 lbs of sweet fruit weekly. Not Certified Organic, but uses natural growing techniques.

Harvest Share

20 weeks

2-4 people a larger share for families who like to cook at home, and enjoy ample amounts of garden produce.